Mysore Sandalwood Connoisseur

The finest steam distilled sandalwood oil available on the earth! The one which sets the standard for sandal oils, it has a deep woody scent, light and golden in color. Perfect for leaving behind the worldly concerns! This version is 100% Pure Santalum Album from Indonesia.

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Oudimentary’s Private Reserve Cambodi has become renown amongst connoisseurs worldwide for it’s subtle notes that only age can bring. From wild, aged Aquilaria Malaccencis wood, this oil has been marinating for over 15 years. It’s common for aloeswood adepts to have several bottles stashed away for years (or decades) at a time, patiently waiting for the alchemical process to turn that simple aloeswood oil into an immutable, inextinguishable, heavenly nectar. Oudimentary, took that journey for you, so you can time travel straight to the funk.With all the beauty you’d expect from a classic Cambodi oil plus base notes of forest floor, mahogany and dried berry. Top notes indicate dried apricot, pipe tobacco, black berries. It is pure bottled subtlety.